IP Assets Management and Protection

Intellectual property rights assignment
Trademark and Copyright registration
Protection from illegal IP usage
Formation of an inventory of Intellectual Property assets
Governing the creation of IP assets by Contractors
Regulation of shareholders’ rights and interest arrangements
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The list of services that this includes:

Intellectual property rights assignment
Protection from illegal IP usage
Trademark and Copyright registration
Governing the creation of IP assets by Contractors
Formation of an inventory of Intellectual Property assets
Regulation of shareholders’ rights and interest arrangements
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Create a corporate structure for a new project aimed at the foreign market (USA and EU)
To propose and implement a sustainable corporate structure that is consistent with the realities of local legislation and suitable for doing business abroad

Stages of Work:

/ 08
Understanding the business model of a new project
/ 08
Understanding where capital and value are formed in the project
/ 08
Understand where the intellectual property of the project is or should be concentrated
/ 08
Collect the wishes of the project founders
/ 08
Hold several confidential meetings to discuss the details of the launch and development of the project
/ 08
Drawing up one or two variants of the corporate structure of the company (schematically)
/ 08
Drawing up all the necessary contracts and carrying out the necessary procedures in order for the structure to come to life and start functioning
/ 08
Final meetings with the founders and briefing on the management of the established structure


Having a working and legally formalized project structure
Intellectual property is correctly transferred to the founders
The project was launched and continues to develop
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Features of the AVITAR Team

We know how the online business works from inside out
We know how to protect property rights specifically for Digital products
We are an integral part of your team in the formation and registration of an IP portfolio for your products and services
We have experience in handling legal disputes on behalf of the client on US and EU markets

What Clients Say About our Work

Oleg Lesov

Avitar has been supporting our company Softcube since 2018. All this time, their advice was professional, comprehensive, and accurate. Avitar team has excellent expertise in GDPR and copyright law. It is a pleasure to work with them

Oleg Lesov, CEO Softcube

Efficient and effective. Our team has spent min time for explaining our needs and we received tailored and prompt work result. Highly recommend

Dmitry Budorin, CEO Hacken

They're very good in GDPR compliance and user agreements. Our Bookimed team mates are satisfied dealing with Avitar

Evgeniy Khotyanov, CEO Bookimed

The guys are very cool! Minimum of violence against the client, maximum result. In case they are not capable of doing the job, they will find who will - and this is very valuable. Highly recommended!

Nikita Fursov, Founder at 1Dea.me

Developed documents for a web platform that works in the US and Ukraine. Everything is high quality. We will contact more!

Arthur Kritsak, Founder of InReepublic

Before meeting the guys, their recommendations. In my view, the development and scaling of the business was, it was necessary to rush, and then we will deal with putting in order the processes and documents

Eugene Kuzmin, CEO MORZA.co


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